Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Well, I fully support Kepimpinan Melayu, I am sincerely fully supportive of it!

I mentioned many times that we don't need MCA, Gerakan, MIC, etc to defend us if we have great and far-sighted Malay leaders who put national interests above their own personal gains and we don't need to abolish pro-bumiputra policies if the policies can genuinely and successfully enable Malays to pursue upward social mobility but not at the expense of other ethnic groups and without compromising the competitiveness of our country.

To me, I would very much prefer a cabinet line-up that is 100% good Malay leaders, lest Umno accuse Chinese of "gila-kuasa" (power-hungry in English). We should fight for and help establish a meritocratic system among Malays before we talk about meritocracy on a national scale.  Currently, we have too many ministers who are so "good" for nothing :) 

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