Friday, August 28, 2009

You & I Are Descendants of Adam!!

Dear Umno, I was not born to be discriminated against and marginalized by you! For I am a descendant of Adam and Eve too...
Allah created Adam and Eve. Remember, Allah created them and therefore, you and I are descendants of Adam and Eve. Adam is the first Prophet in Islamic faith who had the closest relationships with Allah. Adam had personally met Allah and had direct conversation with Allah, after he sinned against Allah by eating the forbidden fruit, he repented and Allah forgave him. Adam and his wife Eve had children on earth, and so far their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren have subdued the whole earth.

Now, the fact of the matter and the matter of the fact is that Allah allows different skin colors, languages to be developed among Adam's descendants (remember this is a fact that Allah allows it to happen or Allah wants it to happen). Allah is so great to the extent that He has granted Adam's descendants the freedom and liberty to either believe in Him or other idols. So we have people who are whole-hearted believers of Allah, and they are known as true-Muslims; and we have people who claim they are Muslims but they make MONEY & SEX their idols, they are known as fake Muslims. And most unfortunately, the majority of the descendants of Adam don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Allah. Why "no right opportunity" for them to know and accept Allah?? You need me to tell you why?! Because there are too many fake Muslims. Allah hates Fake Muslims more than those who don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Him.

Allah wants ALL the descendants of Adam to come back to acknowledge and accept Him as the creator of the whole universe and Adam, who is in heaven now, longs to see all his descendants to live harmoniously and peacefully on earth (would you want your grandchildren to fight among themselves?).

Imagine all Muslims in Malaysia can talk, think and behave like Dr. Bakri Musa, Dr. Azly Rahman, Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Syed Husin Ali, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin, Khalid Samad, Dr. Zulkifly and many others...I can tell you many Adam's descendants who don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Allah will want to know more about Allah and will one day come back to Allah to accept His mercy and love.

Unfortunately, we have a group of gangsters who like to wield Keris and always brainwash Muslims into believing that:
1. Even though we believe in Allah, we are still weak so we need APs, Quotas and Special Privileges;
(It is an insult!!!! For Quran has taught us that those who whole-heartedly believe in Him will be strengthend and have peace and wisdom). How can we live a paradox that we believe in Almighty Allah and yet we are weak intellectually, spiritually, economically, etc?? No, Quran says it very clearly-those who heart is with Allah shall have wisdom and peace. Amin.

SO TRUE MUSLIMS are peace-loving, spirtually-strong and have wisdom. Fake Muslims are violent, arrogant, spiritually-weak and are stupid. Remember, Fake Muslims are spiritually-weak so...
1. they can't use internet (for they will surf porn websites)
2. they can't enter convenient stores like 7-11 (for they will be trembling at the sight of beers)
3. they can't see pretty and sexywomen (for erection and uncontrollable ejaculation are immediate).
4. they can't attend "Michael Learn to Rock" concert (for their minds will be corrupted by a concert).
5. they can't allow pubs or discoteques (for they can't overcome the temptation to go in and see pretty girls and consume liquor).
6. they can't allow other religious books to be printed in certain language (for if they read it, their mind will get spining).
7. they can't allow casino (for they will be tempted to gambling).

Allah is the creator of whole universe, He is Almighty and those who believe in Him is a conqueror, isn't it what Quran has taught us??

Allah purposely planted a tree in paradise and admonised Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree, why? Allah wanted them to learn how to conquer the temptation. Even though they failed but they repented from this mistake (sin), Allah still accepted and forgave them.

So Allah is Omnipotent and Omnipresent, He knows you will fall throughout your spiritual journey, but Allah is most compassionate and merciful, He is ready to forgive and forget. TRUE MUSLIMS may fall but they have a heart of repentance. Anwar Ibrahim is one of them. True Muslims are willing to admit mistakes and courageous to take up responsibility, Tengku Razaleigh is one of the good examples.



Fake Muslims are just simply "fake people", they always tell you...
1. they never sin (even Adam & Even met Allah and they sinned against Allah).
2. they are holy (once you tell people you're holy, you've lost your holiness).
3. they are against corruption (but they buy votes to get elected).
4. they are pround and arrogant (Allah ONLY give grace to the humble)

As mentioned above, Fake Muslims are so weak to the extent that they resort to corrupt practices like buying votes to get elected in a political party which claims to defend Islam!! Isn't it ridiculous that Fake Muslims always challenge TRUE MUSLIMS to defend Islam? Fake Muslims talk about defending Islam all the times.
I am thinking what Adam could be thinking in heaven right now...Most of his descendants have not known and accepted his creator-Allah. Why?

I also carry the blood of Adam and my forefather was created by Allah, but I am confused!...
Maybe I am UMNO=Ur Mind Not Okay!!!!
Remember, those who believe in Allah will have a sound mind, unless you're UMNO...

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