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Brunei Smartest, Singapore Smarter, Sarawak Stupid, Sabah Most Stupid Beyond Redemption!! (Part-1. Brunei)

I don't have to be a Malaysian history expert or professor to talk about the formation of Malaysia. Tunku Abdul Rahman "invited" Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form "Federation of Malaysia" with Malaya. Therefore, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore could have more privileges and special rights than "any of the states in Malaya", in short, they should not be deemed as just one of the states in the Federation of Malaysia, they ought to be treated as a "treaty-member" with Malaya!

Let's look at Brunei in Part-1:

The Brunei Sultanate would have ceased to exist as an independent state without Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saiffuddien.
In August 1963, Indonesia was opposing the proposed Federation of Malaysia and confronting Malaya and Singapore. Only eight months earlier, on 8 December 1962, Brunei had faced a revolt by Sheikh Azahari of the Partai Rakyat Brunei (PRB) and British forces from Singapore had flown in to put down the rebellion.
It was a time of great peril when the Sultan decided not to join the proposed Federation. Singapore went ahead and joined the Federation. Sultan Omar Ali was under great pressure from the British who had hinted that they would be leaving the region soon. But he stood firm.
He put his position as Sultan and the fate of his people on the line. His judgment was that the British would be responsible enough to give him some time to get his country in better shape before British forces left.

The late Sultan was a modest man. He was soft-spoken, with a frequent smile when speaking to his friends. He lived a simple and frugal life.
On May 1961, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Malayan Prime Minister, at an address to the Foreign Correspondents Association in Singapore, mooted the formation of Malaysia, to include Brunei, Sarawak, North Borneo (subsequently to be named Sabah), Singapore and Malaya.
On 5 December 1961, Sultan Sir Omar Ali described the Malaysia proposal as very attractive. In January 1962, he appointed a Brunei-Malaysia Commission to report on the opinion of the people. On 18 July 1962, the Sultan stated that he accepted the Malaysia proposal in principal, but that did not necessarily mean it was final.
If agreement could not be reached on important conditions affecting benefits to the people and the state, Brunei would not participate in the Malaysia plan.
In August 1962, the Partai Rakyat Brunei (PRB) won a landslide election victory in four District Councils, which in turn would choose 16 members for the Legislative Council (LegCo). The PRB won 54 seats and had all the 16 members required for the LegCo.
But they could not form the government. The 17 government nominees outnumbered the PRB in the 33-member Council. Sheikh Azahari, leader of the PRB, rejected the proposal that Brunei join the proposed Malaysian Federation.
Azahari put forward three motions at the LegCo meeting, for 5 December 1962; first, to reject the proposal of a Malaysian Federation; second, to request the restoration of Brunei's sovereignty over Sarawak and North Borneo and the installation of the Sultan as constitutional monarch of the North Borneo Federation; and third, a request to the British to grant independence to Brunei not later than 1963.
The Speaker of the LegCo disallowed the motions because the issues fell within the purview of the British government under the 1959 British-Brunei Agreement. Sheikh Azahari, the PRB leader then decided to resort to a military solution and staged a rebellion led by its military wing, Tentera Nasional Kalimantan Utara (TNKU).
The revolt began on December 8. It was put down in short order by British forces flown in from Singapore. On 20 December, Sultan Omar Ali declared a State of Emergency, suspended the Constitution, dissolved the LegCo, and appointed a 14-member Emergency Council comprising four ex-officio members, including the British High Commissioner, Sir Denis White, and 10 members nominated by the Sultan.
Negotiations on Malaysia were resumed in earnest following the end of the rebellion. The sultan did not accept the terms that Malaya offered him. When the Malaysia Agreement was signed on 9 July 1963 in London, Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak signed on. Brunei did not. He was very firm in his decision not to join. As a result, after Malaysia was formed on 16 September 1963, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, recalled hundreds of Malaysian teachers and government officers seconded to serve the Brunei administration. Their departure caused a temporary dislocation in Brunei.
Several accounts were given to explain the reason for Brunei's decision not to join the Malaysian Federation. One account cited disagreement over oil revenues as the primary cause. Kuala Lumpur wanted Brunei to hand over control of its oil to the federal government after 10 years. Kuala Lumpur also wanted to immediately tax any new oil and mineral finds discovered after Brunei joined Malaysia and to make the Sultan's contribution of $40 million to the federal revenues compulsory rather than voluntary. The Sultan was said to have found these terms unacceptable.
Another account from Kuala Lumpur alluded to the Sultan's unhappiness over the issue of royal precedence. Sir Omar was neither willing to compromise Brunei's control over its oil revenues nor ready to have his privileges as the Ruler of Brunei curtailed. More to the point, the vibes that Sultan Omar Ali felt during the negotiations were that he would become subordinate to Kuala Lumpur's leaders and he would rank behind Malaysian's nine Sultans in seniority, besides giving up a chunk of this oil wealth to KL. He met Lee Kuan Yuan soon after Singapore was asked to leave Malaysia in August 1965, he nodded with satisfaction that his decision not to join was wiser than Singapore's acceptance of Malaysia.
Just over two months after Malaysia was formed, on 1 December 1963, the British Colonial Office cut its long-term connection with Brunei. The British High Commissioner in Brunei, no longer called the British Resident, henceforth would deal with Secretary of State for Commonwealth.
When the Labour Government took office in 1964, it became clear that sooner or later they would withdraw their forces from east of Suez. This would jeopardise Brunei's secure position as a protectorate. British advisers pressed the Sultan to hasten the implementation of constitutional reforms so that there could be a democratic government in place. In March 1965, a second general election was held for District and Legislative Councillors. 36 candidates contested for 10 LegCo seats in the 21-member LegCo that would comprise six ex-officio members and five members nominated by the Sultan. 88 candidates fought for seats in four Districts Councils. A large number of candidates contesting under political parties were defeated by independents because the political parties were weak.
On 4 October 1967, Sultan Omar Ali, then aged only 53, abdicated in favour of his 21-year-old son, Hassanal Bolkiah, born on July 1946. It was a strategic move he made to buy time before a British withdrawal. Protracted negotiations with the British on Brunei's future continued following the abdication. The Sultan, now the Seri Begawan, dragged out the discussions. He wanted the son to get familiar with the administration. Moreover, his son was only 21 years old. He deflected pressure to adopt the British adversarial Parliamentary system.
He argued with the British that he needed a few years for the young Sultan to learn the ropes and strengthen the domestic situation ahead of any constitutional changes. He bought time from 1963 to 1983, over 20 years, when the British finally withdrew, and Brunei became an independent state. Without the skilful and determined stand taken by Sultan Omar Ali in the full knowledge that he was risking the future of his Sultanate if the British were to leave precipitately, he saved his dynasty, delayed majority rule before Brunei was ready, and secured Brunei's continued defence by an agreement to pay for one British Gurkha battalion that would stay in Brunei but under British control. A discreet presence remained.
The Seri Begawan has preserved Brunei's oil wealth. He left the bulk of his country's reserves with the Crown Agents to manage. He was fortunate that Britain acted with responsibility. Most of all, the Seri Begawan played his hand with considerable skill. He pleaded for time to educate enough local Bruneians who could manage the administration of the country.

Less than three years after independence, on 7 September, 1986, he passed away. He was deeply mourned by the people of Brunei. They knew that he had saved their independence and are able to live as they wish, keeping their oil wealth. It was Sir Omar's statecraft. He built the infrastructure of state. By the 1980s, he had given the sultanate's 200,000 people a high per capita income of US$20,000, among the world's most privileged. He strengthened Brunei's Islamic institutions.
Sultan Omar Ali took calculated risks with courage. He has a keen sense of what was politically possible. During the 17 years from 1950 to 1967, he brought economic, social and political developments to Brunei. With two Five-Year Development Plans, he provided for an education system throughout the state.
He built schools to teach English, gave scholarships to promising young students to study in overseas institutions. He provided school children with at least one free meal a day. Religious schools were given high priority. Hospitals, clinics were set up and dental services to schools were provided.
He eradicated dysentery and malaria. He provided electricity for the whole state. He developed the roads and telecommunication system. He reclaimed swamp lands and resettled people.
He set up the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment in 1961, which evolved into the Royal Brunei Armed Forces. The Currency Board was established in 1967. Sultan Omar Ali has ensured the survival of an independent Malay Muslim monarchy at the end of the 20th century.
He has built a strong foundation before passing the mantle to his eldest son. His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has guided Brunei since independence in 1984, a 25-year period, during which Brunei has progressed in material and social terms.
The old Sultan would have been happy to know that an independent Sultanate in Brunei has progressed in the quarter century after independence. His son, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, has preserved his heritage. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has continued to expand the numbers of abler Bruneians who are educated abroad, and created a thicker layer of the higher educated and well-informed elite.

In December 1964, a year after Malaysia was formed, the Malaysian government decided to terminate the Board of Commissioners of Currency and to issue a new currency for Malaya, Singapore and the Borneo territories, including Brunei.
The Malaya-British Borneo Currency Agreement was terminated two years later. The Malaysian government in Kuala Lumpur declined Brunei's request that it be given a seat on the policy-making body. Also, Malaysia opposed Brunei's request that the portrait of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia should not appear on the new notes. Hence, Brunei enacted legislation in January 1967 to form its own Currency Board.
During one of the Sultan Haji Omar Ali visits to Singapore after independence, he had smiled broadly and, with his eyes twinkling and his moustache twitching, saying to Lee Kuan Yew, "You are now like Brunei. It is better for you."

If Brunei joined the Federation of Malaysia, the state of Brunei would be poorer, much much poorer! And we the West Malaysians would be much much happier to have another obedient and stupid natural resources supplier, at cheapest cost! sigh, we failed to con them into our "Malaysia Plot" and now better known as "1Malaysia Plot"...
Please stay-tuned for Part (2): Singapore

Bingo, Daulat Tuanku!

I wrote about the importance of 2-party system to "empower" the system of Monarchy in Malaysia. With Pakatan Rakyat emerging as a strong alternative to be reckoned with, Umno-led BN will do anything and everything to soothe, pacify, appease and please all the Rulers in the various States of Malaysia (if Pakatan Rakyat happens to form the next Federal Government, they will do likewise)!!
GONE were the days when Umno "instructed" Raja-Raja to behave themselves...
Tuanku, you may want to thank Pakatan Rakyat for the special surprised gifts from Umno! No worries, Pakatan Rakyat will present you with better gifts if they form the next Government of Malaysia.
Why the Pakatan Rakyat government was brought down in Perak
Raja Petra Kamarudin
We all know what happened in Perak. What many do not know is why it happened.
If you can remember, it took one week for the Perak and Selangor state governments to get sworn in after the March 2008 general election. The Sultans of these two states wanted to first ‘discuss the matter’ with the Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons. The Sultans then set certain terms and conditions before agreeing to swear in the new Pakatan Rakyat state governments.
This gap of one week allowed the old Barisan Nasional state governments time to remove and destroy quite a lot of very damaging evidence of the wrongdoings of the previous governments.
The one-week delay also allowed Barisan Nasional to negotiate the possibility of PAS teaming up with Umno to form the state governments in Perak and Selangor. Umno even agreed that PAS would become the Menteris Besar of these two states. And, to add icing to the cake, Umno even agreed to allow PAS to implement Islamic laws in these two states.
But PAS stayed loyal to their two other partners in Pakatan Rakyat, PKR and DAP, and they declined Umno’s offer. Finally, the two Sultans had no choice but to swear in the Pakatan Rakyat state governments in Perak and Selangor. But this did not stop them from plotting behind the scenes on how to bring down the governments.
The Sultan of Selangor was quite prepared to consider the whole matter a fait accompli. After all, Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor had a clear majority and it would be quite difficult to buy off so many State Assemblypersons. But Perak was another matter altogether. Pakatan Rakyat’s majority in Perak was thinner than in Selangor.
As soon as the new state government had been put in place, the Sultan of Perak began asking for this, that and the other. The Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government would have been quite prepared to tolerate some of the demands of the Perak Palace for the sake of maintaining a good relationship with the Palace. But what the Sultan and his family wanted was just too excessive and the Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government had no choice but to say no to the Sultan’s demands.
And this, of course, upset the Sultan. So, when Pakatan Rakyat lost its majority in the Perak State Assembly, it did not take too much persuading for the Sultan to agree to swear in a new Barisan Nasional state government.
At first, the Sultan was not too sure whether he should kick out the Pakatan Rakyat state government in favour of a Barisan Nasional government. When the Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar, Nizar Jamaluddin, went before the Sultan to request that the State Assembly be dissolved to make way for fresh state elections, the Sultan said he would think about it first. But immediately after that the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, went to meet the Sultan and the Sultan was persuaded to reject the Pakatan Rakyat request to dissolve the State Assembly and instead he swore in Barisan Nasional as the new state government.
Najib’s ‘persuasion’ was simple. Nazrin, his son, should not be the Raja Muda of Perak. And this means he should also not be the next Sultan. And in the event that the Sultan dies, as surely he will one day, the federal government will not support Nazrin as the next Sultan of Perak. See what happened to Negeri Sembilan. Although the Yamtuan appointed his son as the regent, this does not mean he becomes the next Yamtuan.
So, Nazrin’s succession to the Perak throne depends on the goodwill of the federal government. But only if the state government is a Barisan Nasional government will there be this goodwill. If Pakatan Rakyat remains the state government, then expect Nazrin to pay the price when his time comes to succeed his father.
Furthermore, the Sultan and his family has asked for a lot of things from the Pakatan Rakyat state government, all of which they rejected. Umno will ensure that the Sultan and his family get whatever they want if Barisan Nasional takes over as the Perak state government.
And with that Pakatan Rakyat’s fate was sealed. The Sultan swore in Barisan Nasional as the new Perak state government and Pakatan Rakyat was sent into the opposition aisle.
What was it that the Sultan and his family wanted which Pakatan Rakyat said no to and which Barisan Nasional has now said yes? Yes, let us see how in just a few months the Sultan and his family has suddenly become one of the richest royal families in Malaysia, of course, at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat.
1. Umno gave the Sultan a piece of state land known as lot 183578. The land is approximately 600 acres in size and is at Tanjong Tualang in the district of Kinta. This land has been parked under the name of the Sultan’s proxy, Mohamed Khaair Johari Hj Osman.
2. Umno gave the Sultan a 1,000-acre timber concession along the 11km Gerik-Kupang highway in Ulu Kenderong, Gerik, Hulu Perak. This concession was originally given to Universiti Utara Malaysia. However, it was later revoked and given to Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak whose Chairman is Raja Datuk Seri Ashman Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Shah.
3. Umno gave the Sultan seven timber concessions at compartments 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 49 in the Kenderong Forest Reserve in Hulu Perak. The seven lots, which come to approximately 600 acres, were parked under two proxy companies of the Sultan -- Syarikat Zotonjaya Sdn Bhd and Kibaran Wang Sdn Bhd.
4. Umno is about to approve a proposal for reforestation involving 10,781 hectares. 5,781 hectares is at the Gunung Besout Forest Reserve in Southern Perak while 5,000 hectares is at Pondok Tanjung in the Larut Matang district. The company that will get this huge project is Permatang Utama Sdn Bhd (company registration number 513583-D) whose Executive Chairman is Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah, the Sultan’s son-in-law.
5. Further to that, Datuk Seri Ismail Farouk Abdullah was allowed to take over the state-owned Casuarina Hotel in Ipoh for a negotiated cut throat price of only RM43 million whereas it can fetch a far higher price on the open market. The hotel is located in one of the most prime land in Ipoh and just the empty land alone is worth a huge amount of money.
It is not that the Perak Royal Family is destitute. It is more like they are greedy. Raja Datuk Seri Eleena Azlan Shah is a Director of GAMUDA BERHAD and is Malaysia's 25th richest person with assets worth over RM 773 million. This makes her the second richest woman in Malaysia after Puan Sri Chong Chook Yew, who occupies the number 18 slot with more than RM 1 billion in assets.
Gamuda Berhad has been awarded more than RM10 billion worth of contracts. It also operates and maintains 230 kilometres of highways plus is a major township and property developer with four township projects involving more than 30,000 houses.
So there you have it. Perakians, in particular the Malays, think that the opposition is not showing the Sultan of Perak the respect he deserves. What they do not know is the Sultan does not deserve any respect. And many are also not aware why the Sultan wanted Pakatan Rakyat kicked out of Perak.
Now, we hope, they do.

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Tuanku, without Pakatan Rakyat UMNO will become Absolute Sultan of Malaysia...

KUALA KRAU, Sept 24 – The Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, has called on the people to continue supporting the government so that more social, economic and educational developments would be implemented for them.
He said the people should stick with the Barisan Nasional (BN) government as the development agenda lined-up for the short and long term would bring them continuous benefits.
The construction of the RM64 million Kuala Krau bridge across the Pahang river was just one example of the sustainable developments that would benefit the people living along the riverbanks, he said.
“The Kuala Krau bridge will help reduce the time spent for making the 55km trip between Bandar Tun Razak in Jengka and Kuala Krau, to just 20 minutes from one hour previously.
“Besides, the bridge will also act as catalyst for economic development in Bandar Tun Razak, Jerantut and Temerloh. It will also benefit 60,000 people in Jerantut, Temerloh and Maran by reducing the trip to just 22km,” he told reporters after visiting the construction site here today.
Also present were Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Kuala Krau Member of Parliament Datuk Ismail Mohamad Said and Jenderak assemblyman Datuk Mohamad Jaafar.
The Sultan also called on the Public Works Department (JKR) to ensure that a motorcycle lane be built on the bridge to ensure the safety of motorcyclists.
Earlier, state JKR director Datuk Rosman Yahaya said the construction of the bridge, which began in August 2007, was expected to be completed by next February.
He said it was 82 per cent completed, adding that the four-lane bridge, with its attractive design, would also be the new landmark for the Kuala Krau constituency. – Bernama
Dearest Tuanku:
Patik is writing to you to inform you that the emergence of Pakatan Rakyat is to the benefits of Malaysia's constitutional Monarchy.
If my memory serves me right, since early 80s Umno has come into conflict with Sultans and Palaces of various States, and patik believe that Tuanku has full knowledge of where the conflicts originated from -- it is none of than the "Conflict of Interests and Power".
If Tuanku is to promote and support UMNO to have absolute power, then patik can guarantee that UMNO will launch another round of constitutional amendment to reduce the power of Monarchy so they can rule this country with blatant disregard to the rule of law.
Rakyat are looking up to the Monarchy as a pillar to safeguard the rights of the Rakyat (be it Muslims or Non-Muslims) and be the head and protector of Islamic faith.
Tuanku may forget that how you and your Royal brothers in Malaysia were embarassed and humiliated by UMNO in the press and TV controlled by UMNO and it was Tengku Razaleigh who went against all odds to defend the dignity of Monarchy in parliament. However, the opposition led by Tengku Razaleigh in the 90s was too weak to defend the Monarchy. The good news is we have Pakatan Rakyat today, Tuanku, don't you understand the tactic of "divide and rule"? Isn't it true that the Sultans of Selangor, Perak, Perlis and Terrenganu can talk "louder" to UMNO today? And your Royal brothers of Perak, Trenganu and Perlis can now have their choice of Menteri Besars, which could never happen before March 2008 and without Pakatan Rakyat UMNO can easily cultivate absolute power and eventually overshadow the Monarchy. Both UMNO and Pakatan Rakyat are desperately after you and your Royal brothers today, UMNO won't "hentam" royal palace anymore in newspaper or TV as they did in the 80s and 90s, instead, they will "grant" Tuanku more logging concessions to win your support and endorsement, UMNO warlords will have to think twice when they come into conflict of interests with palace, because this triangle love has unexpectedly empowered Tuanku and your Royal brothers to really "rule" the state.
Tuanku, the late Sultan of Selangor knew his Menteri Besar was involved in corruption and His Majesty even threw a copy of cheque in front of Tun Dr. Mahathir and asked why a Menteri Besar of His state could amass unexplained wealth of such a huge amount, His Majesty wanted Tun Dr. Mahathir to do something about it and as we know Tun Dr. Mahathir did not do anything about it --isn't it an act of treason "derhaka"!!...Tuanku, weren't you be informed of this incident?
Tuanku, the relevancy of Monarchy lies with how much the Sultans care for His subjects and protect the Rakyat against the brutal rule of corrupt regime. Tuanku, you may not have experienced or suffered from poverty before, but patik can tell you that there are many of your subjects who are still earning as little as RM500 per month and due to poor management of resources and corruption, many of your subjects still fail to progress as they ought to. Those states without Sultans like Sabah, Sarawak, Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, UMNO MEN are behaving like Sultan and Tuanku, may patik inform you that certain UMNO warlords in Sabah could even be richer than you, and the sons of Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi are much much much more richer than your Tengku Mahkota.
Tuanku, patik believe that you are a great Sultan who really cares for the wellbeing of your subjects...what UMNO told us about your extravagant spending overseas are all nonsense and rubbish to me. Patik wishes your good health and longevity!
Hidup Tuanku, Hidup Rakyat!
Oleh Zukri Aksah
KUANTAN, 3 September – Akibat dari jumlah hutang kerajaan negeri Pahang yang begitu besar, setiap rakyat Pahang, sama ada tua, muda, besar, kecil atau masih di dalam buaian sudah terpaksa menanggung hutang sebanyak RM3,370 seorang.
Inilah yang berlaku di Pahang ekoran saman terhadap kerajaan dan juga hutang yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh kerajaan negeri.
The Malaysian Insider sebelum ini telah melaporkan perihal tindakan dua buah syarikat, Spag’n Plantation Sdn Bhd dan Upayapadu (M) Sdn Bhd, yang menyaman Kerajaan Negeri Pahang, Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Pahang dan Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Pahang kerana ingkar janji dengan saman masing-masing berjumlah RM209 juta dan RM24 juta.
Sebelum laporan tersebut, Kerajaan Negeri Pahang juga telah diheret ke mahkamah oleh Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn Bhd (SGM) kerana tuntutan hutang penghakiman berjumlah RM63 juta. SGM diberitakan telah mendapat perintah mandamus bagi memaksa Menteri Besar Pahang melunaskan bayaran ini.
Tuntutan hutang juga memaksa anak syarikat Kerajaan Negeri Pahang, Astana Golf & Country Club disita kerana kegagalan membayar tunggakan pinjaman berjumlah RM40 juta.
Terbaru, seperti didedahkan oleh Ahli Parlimen Indera Mahkota dari PKR, Azan Ismail, SGM sekali lagi telah mengemukakan saman kepada Kerajaan Negeri Pahang, kali ini saman ingkar janji yang berjumlah lebih RM100 juta.
Sebuah lagi syarikat, Asia Chart Sdn Bhd pula telah membuat dua saman berasingan terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Pahang dengan nilai hampir RM200 juta. Kedua-dua saman ini, menurut Azan telah difailkan di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuantan kira-kira dua minggu yang lalu.
Dalam pendedahannya, Azan menaksirkan bahawa jumlah keseluruhan saman yang diterima oleh Kerajaan Negeri Pahang pimpinan Umno dan BN, termasuk tuntutan dari pelbagai pihak ketika Pahang masih di bawah teraju Tun Khalil Yaakob, adalah dalam lingkungan RM5 bilion.
Bagi Azan, ini melambangkan sikap Kerajaan Negeri Pahang pimpinan Umno dan BN yang tidak bertanggungjawab serta memperjudikan masa depan negeri dan rakyatnya.
Azan tidak menjumpai alasan lain mengapa berlakunya sebegitu banyak tuntutan hutang terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Pahang, selain kerana masalah rasuah, kronisme, penyelewengan dana dan salahurus hasil negeri, sepanjang Pahang dikuasai oleh Umno dan BN.
Sementara kalangan pemimpin Umno dan BN mengumpul kekayaan dan mengagih laba dari kontrak demi kontrak yang diagih sesama sendiri, hak dan nasib rakyat Negeri Pahang diketepikan, keluh Azan.
Bila negeri mula menghadapi masalah, yang menjadi mangsa adalah rakyat, rakyatlah yang akan menanggung bebannya melalui kenaikan cukai tanah, cukai pintu dan sebagainya.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bodoh cina + cina bodoh!!!

Dato Dr. Tan Tiong Hong’s reply on additional Empat Ekor draw most ‘unsatisfactory’
Press Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Kota Melaka, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Tuesday, l6.7.l985:

Tan Tiong Hong’s reply on additional Empat Ekor draw most ‘unsatisfactory’
The reply by the Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Dr. Tan Tiong Hong, in Parliament to questions as to why the government approved an additional weekly draw on Thursday for Magnum Corporation’s Empat Nombar Ekor from twice to thrice weekly is most unsatisfactory.
It was most unfortunate that my DAP comrades and I were not given the opportunity to put supplementary questions to Datuk Dr. Tan to expose the hollowness of his reasons.
Datuk Dr. Tan told Parliament that the additional weekly Thursday draw was to reduce orcheck the illegal Empat Ekor syndicates. This is utter rubbish, for what the governmenthas done is the opposite, in encouraging the increase in activities of illegal Empat Ekorsyndicates from twice a week to three times a week. The other reason give by Datuk Dr. Tanthat the increase was to give the people more opportunities to have the chance to buy Empat Ekorto ‘strike’ the numbers they want is even more ridiculous, for by this reasoning, there should beEmpat Ekor draw every day, or even better, twice a day to give the people more chance to‘pursue’ the number they want. Datuk Dr. Tan and the Barisan Nasional government hadcompletely ignored the fact that at a period of great economic hardship, when moneyis tight, the additional Empat Ekor draw a week would have the adverse effect of wiping outthe hard-earned money of the people. No wonder shopkeepers and businessmen are finding times unbearably hard. The only beneficiary is Magnum Corporation, and its parent company, theMulti-Purpose Holdings whose share price yesterday was the all-time low of 84% cents when it wasone time boosted as worth $9 or $10 a share! Is this the MPH’s secret weapon to try to jack up its price?
Datuk Dr. Tan should tell Malaysians how much revenue the Government expects to get from the additional Empat Ekor draw a week, and what is the expected additional profits toMagnum Corporation and Multi-Purpose Holdings from such additional draw. Has the Malaysian economy become so bad that the government must encourage the people to gamble in order toget more revenue?
All the monies gained by the government and Magnum Corporation and Multi-Purpose Corporationwill be at the expense and hardship of the people, and clearly is not only against the national interest,but directly against the whole spirit of the government’s Islamisation programme to instil moral valuesin our society.
The MCA is becoming the gamblers’ party, whose leaders are not only gambling away thepeople’s rights and interest, but want the people to gamble away their money as well.It is significant that both Neo Yee Pan and Tan Koon Swan MCA factions have not dared totake a public stand to call on government to cancel the additional Thursday draw for Empat Ekor,which shows that both factions are no different when it comes to the peoples basic issues!
Labuan as a bunkering station for US naval vessels and as possible replacement for US base at Subic Bay in Phlippines?
I wish to clarify some newspaper reports that the Deputy Defence Minister, Datuk Abang Abu Bakar had, in his reply to my supplementary question, denied that Labuan would become a bunkering stationfor US vessels and possible replacement for Subic Bay in Phillipines for US navy in future.
I had asked whether the proposed submarine-building programme of Sabah Shipyard Sdn Bhdhad any connection with the proposal to convert Pulau Kraman in Labuan as a bunkering stationfor US Navy, and as a possible replacement for the US Naval base in Subic Bay in the Philippinesshould the US had to withdraw from the Philippines. All that Datuk Abang Abu Bakar said was ‘the question does not arise’ – which could mean either there is truth or no truth in the connection.The Defence Ministry should come out with a clear-cut statement on this question!

Dato Dr. Tan is my personal friend, we met quite often in Singapore to discuss business deals few years ago and we did travel to China to explore business opportunities. I like being with this former MCA MP cum deputy Minister for his gentlemanliness, humility and mildness; his great ideas always inspire me. To me, Dato Dr. Tan is truly a scholar, thinker, successful businessman and a man of integrity! Anyway, this article has nothing to do with Dato Dr. Tan.
I read the above press release by Mr. Lim Kit Siang in 1985 a week ago, I can't help but feel prompted to write something about the gambling issues in Malaysia.
1. I challenged UMNO to uphold Islamic teachings to completely ban gambling in Malaysia, I even wrote to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to clamp down on ALL gambling activities in Malaysia.
2. I wrote an open letter to DAP last year to urge DAP to support the closure of casino, 4-D, ToTo, horse-racing operations in Malaysia as I suspect them of being Umno's "lackey" to legally suck non-Muslims as well as some bodoh Muslims hard-earned money in our country.
3. I explained how these gambling monies have been used by Umno/BN to manipulate the rakyat.
4. I further explained that the support for gambling by non-Muslim political parties like MCA, DAP, Gerakan are perceived as anti-Islam by many Malays (though many Malays like to buy 4-D and ToTo!)
5. When Umno has to explain to Malays about the legalization of gambling in Malaysia, they accuse Chinese of being inveterate gamblers -"Chinese addiction for gambling is beyond redemption, if they don't gamble, they will DIE, so we Umno has to respect human rights and give in to this unreasonable/unIslamic demand. And Chinese are so happy to gratefully and graciously accept this "compliment"; for too long MCA and Chinese of unsound mind have been hysterically barking at PAS: GIVE ME GAMBLING OR GIVE ME DEATH...
6. Chinese can bow down before Umno and beg them: Please prostitute my wife and daughters, enslave my sons, I am willing to pawn my children education and healthcare, but please please don't close casino, 4-D, ToTo, Horse-Racing for they are my hope, my joy and my future...
7. The Chinese bow down before Umno and say:"please please don't close casino, 4-D, ToTo and Horse-Racing for we will wholeheartedly make sure that PAS won't disturb you (at least politically)".
8. So it is not uncommon to hear from Chinese prostitutes in KL that: "my parents are addicted to gambling and accumulate huge gambling debts so I have prostitute myself to help family alleviate the financial woes"... and it's true sometimes!
9. And if you ask the young Chinese boys who drop-out of school and sell pirated DVD in JB why they want to sell pirated DVDs, they may tell you: "my father is addicted to gambling so I have leave school to fend for myself"!
10. Both the prostitutes and pirated DVD sellers could also be addicted to gambling...
11. Umno appoints "Chinese gambling operators" to use the Chinese to betray the Chinese, and Chinese Malaysians are so proud of Mr. Vivi Tan and Lim Kok Kok (not their real names) for they think these 2 persons are the proud of Chinese community in Malaysia.
12. Umno controls the gambling business behind the curtains, collects the taxes and uses the monies to suppress, opprress and depress Malaysians! It is without doubt that those Chinese who frequent the legal gambling den end up being depressed financially and politically...
13. This bodoh cina political party called Bodoh MCA (BMCA) has the audacity for telling bodoh cina that: "Bodoh MCA will fight till the last drop of its blood to defend the "gambling right" of Chinese in Malaysia", some bodoh Chinese become extremely grateful and even tearful for MCA great sacrifice ...
14. For Chinese are so fearful of "meaningless life without gambling" in Malaysia, Umno-controlled government successfully takes advantage of this phobia and manipulates the Chinese electorate.
15. Chinese Malaysians are said to gamble away approximately RM6-8 billion in a year (imagine how many hospitals and world-class universities can be built with these money)!!
16. Bodoh cina accuses me of "anti-cina" when I propose the closure of Casino, ToTo, 4-D and Horse-Racing and they ask me a lagi bodoh question: "What happen if they go underground"...
17. Umno operates "legal gambling" activities, 2 other organizations known as PDRJ and BMR jointly operate underground 4-D, horse-racing and football "games"...they even have a mobile bank called Bank Ah-Long to grow their business exponentially!
18. Back to point 16, "if bodoh cina are not crazy about gambling, how can they go underground, open-ground, or above-ground"???
19. Back to point 16, I wrote to our former PM Tun Abduallah Ahamad Badawi who is a pious and faithful Muslim to propose to him about using "Lucky Draw" to replace "gambling"...
20. There will be 3 proposed types of "Lucky Draws" to replace "gambling" in Malaysia:
a). Education Lucky Draw:
This Lucky Draw Ticket is RM2 and we will conduct it 3 times a week, winners will get RM2 million to RM1 thousand worth of "Education Prize" and these prizes are transferrable and can only used for education fees payment, all the profits generated from "Education Lucky Draw" will fully be used to assist poor and needy students regardless of race and religion. I asked our former PM to arrange a meeting with Minister of Education to discuss it, however, there was no reply.
b). Healthcare and Family Lucky Draw:
Similar to "Education Lucky Draw", but I was not able to secure a meeting with PM and Health Minister to submit my proposal. (In my letter, I made a promise to former PM that if we were to implement Healthcare & Family Lucky Draw in Malaysia, poor and needy Malaysians won't be deprived of basic shelter and world-class healthcare services).
c). Infrastructure Lucky Draw:
Winners get free highway access cards (RM10,000 -RM50). All the proceeds will be channeled for building infrastructures in Malaysia. Highway toll will be gradually reduced and eventually owned by rakyat...free access is NOT a dream!
21. Those who can arrange a meeting for me with Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak or Nik Aziz, please let me know and I will let them read my proposal...
22. I can guarantee that if our government adopts my proposal, we can curb gambling more effectively, and the more Malaysians who support "Lucky Draw" the more prosperous our country is going to be and the less social issues we are going to have...
Anyway, we have too many bodoh cina+ cina bodoh among us... the existing policy on gambling won't be changed because of bodoh cina!!!
please stay-tuned for bodoh indian+ indian bodoh next week...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

UMNO wants Malays to hate Singapore...

Last year when I wrote an article which mentioned about the Malays living in abject povertly and sordid condition in Batam, Bintan and Karimun, Indonesian islands which are less 60 nautical miles from Singapore--a country which UMNO hates so much ostensibly for the alleged marginalization of Malays in Singapore. I urge UMNO to look at the more serious problems faced by Malays in Indonesia like child prostitution, child labor, deprivation of food and shelter, the lack of basic education opportunities for deserving Indonesian children, etc. I also invited UMNO to study the root cause of the problems faced by Malays in Indonesia instead of hysterically barking like a dog at Singapore for allegedly marginalizing its Malay citizens.
I am going to tell UMNO that there is no need for them to worry about the Malays in Singapore for the following reasons:

1. Education Opportunities: Malays don't have to pay school fees in Singapore, Chinese and Indians have to, no quota imposed on Malays for “excelling” in their studies. If Umno is still not happy, they can always set up mediocre universities to accommodate them, thus, making Singapore government speechless!! Let’s set a general test in English, Science and Mathematics to find out whether Singaporean Malays can outperform Indonesian Malays, Malaysian Malays, Brunei Malays…Let’s make a wager!
The competition for citing Quran is surely won by Indonesian Malays…

2. Employment Opportunities in Government Sector: If candidates of same qualities in education, experience, ect, priorities will be given to minorities. (Since Umno is so crazy about the Malays’ well-being in Singapore, I can appoint a research team to prove that the number of Malays in Singapore government sector is in higher proportion -- (Malays constitute 8% of Singapore total population, but they constitute about 28% in government sector- meaning out of 100 civil servants, 28 are Malays!! Mahathir should inspect Singapore Police Force, Civil Defence, Checkpoints and Immigration Authority and see for himself how Malays are being hired there).

3. Employment Opportunities in private sector: Yes, there could be discrimination in private sectors because the requirement to use Chinese language when dealing with China and due to other reasons they’re more hesitant to hire Malays as good Malays candidates are already taken by government sector.
Solutions: Umno-controlled companies in Singapore like CIMB, Maybank, Sime-Darby, etc, can apply a straightforward approach of “blindly hire” all Malays so as to fulfil the Mahathir’s “Saving Malays in Singapore Mission”.
4. Religion: Singapore has ample number of Mosques for Muslims, however, they can’t fix their Mosques’ speaker outward and turn the volume up to the max; probably the Malays in Singapore have no hearing problem. One issue that concerns me is that the Spore government doesn’t allow government schools (primary and secondary) Muslim students to wear tudung, this is undemocratic! And Karpal Singh of Malaysia’s DAP has long lambasted it as ridiculous and was willing to assist a Singapore Muslim to challenge the tudung-ban at Singapore court. Umno should condemn Singapore for not allowing Muslim students to wear tudung in primary and secondary schools, Umno should also condemn Turkey for not allowing Muslims to wear tudung in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions!! Tertiary institutions in Singapore don’t have such ban….
5. Home ownership: 98% of Malay families in Singapore own a government housing unit. (while many Malays in Indonesia and Malaysia are still homeless)!!

I even emailed Dr. Mahathir and challenged him for a debate on "The alleged marginalization of Malays in Singapore in comparison with the destiny of Malays in the failed state of Indonesia", but Dr. Mahathir was too powerful to respond to a small fly like me…
Umno is likening the fate of Malays in Penang to the “miserable” state of Malays in Singapore and Mahathir accused Singapore or more specifically Lee Kuan Yew of being Anti-Malay, Umno and Mahathir want Singapore to give its Malay citizens the following special privileges like:
a). APs (Approved Permits): all the cars imported to Singapore must be through Malay-controlled companies so they can get rich more quickly;
b).Contracts: all projects in Singapore must be handled by Malay-controlled companies so they can inflate the construction cost and become overnight miilionaire, no legal action can be taken against them if they fail to deliver because they have special privileges;
d). Government Posts: Malays must be made Prime Minister and fill up all the ministerial posts in Singapore government cabinet even if he/she doesn’t have the qualities to manage a city-state where there is ZERO resources!
As mentioned in Point d, Singapore doesn’t have natural resources and therefore the government doesn’t have the luxury of wastage of public fund either; good governance and corruption-free are the 2 main elements for Singapore success. Imagine again running Singapore the “Umno way” and install the policy of “Malay-First, Country Last”, in no time, all the Singaporeans (including Malays) would have to prostitute themselves to feed their families like many pretty Batam girls do (apart from selling their body, I don’t know what else Singapore can offer to sell – u find any resources there??)… the only resource Singapore has is human resource=human capital, using your brains to generate wealth. Umno doesn’t believe in using brains, because UMNO=Ur Mind Not Okay. Understand?!
Thanks God! Malaysia is endowed with abundant natural resources, ideal number of populations and a group of hard working Chinese entrepreneurs to sustain the economy, if not, our girls would long have been maids and prostitutes like our Indonesia counterparts.
Ur Mind Not Okay…

Umno loves Indonesia...please come and make our country yours!

Please read the article below by Tunku Abdul Aziz:
Indonesia, we are not your whipping boy
The Javanese have done it again. They have burned our national flag.
Many years ago, I was interviewed in London by BBC Radio 2 as part of a series on the great languages of the world. I was asked about some significant differences between Bahasa Indonesia and our own Bahasa Melayu. I feigned ignorance about the existence of a language called Bahasa Indonesia. I said what Indonesia claimed as its language is really Bahasa Melayu.
They had no choice but to use Bahasa Melayu, the lingua franca of the Malay world to communicate among themselves because they never had a common language to begin with. Malay is undoubtedly the basis of their language. So, if we do what they in Indonesia do so well, we should be burning their flag every day because they have purloined our national language.
An excessive display of nationalistic zeal is generally considered "ugly" in civilised societies. The Indonesians by their actions have reduced themselves into sad figures of ridicule and fun. Their claim, and not for the first time, that we have infringed their "cultural copyrights" is totally absurd. They now have got it into their heads that we should stop singing our national anthem because the tune was Indonesian. What else next? Stop eating satay and wearing kain batik because these are Indonesian?
I remember the time when Indonesia took it upon themselves to rename the Indian Ocean as the Indonesian Ocean, and had the new name put on their official map. The Indians demurred, and Sukarno the regional bully boy realised that it was not such a clever thing to do after all.
Last year we had Wahyu Susilo of Migrant Care, an influential labour organisation telling us "We also want Malaysia to legalise illegal workers and not simply deport them home." Then, again last year we were reminded by Indonesian lawmakers that Malaysia-Indonesia relations were "at their worst since Sukarno's days of Konfrontasi in the sixties."
The reference to Konfrontasi is mischievous in the circumstances. It was a attempt to stampede us into submitting to their will. Indonesians should want to forget that disastrously miscalculated adventure which ended with a bloody nose for their country. On the positive side, it brought to an end the reign of the megalomaniac Sukarno only to be replaced by the rapacious Suharto. Perhaps we had a match in our own country, and we should not gloat over it too much. As a matter of interest, even the normally calm and staid Najib when Deputy Prime Minister was moved to refer to Malaysia as the "Whipping Boy" of the Indonesian media whenever they felt they had a grievance, real or imagined, against us.
I mention all this as a way of reminding ourselves that history provides important lessons for us all. Patterns of political behaviour are often deeply entrenched in the consciousness of a nation, and in the case of our big and unwieldy neighbour, this phenomenon is more marked than is good for them. We want to continue to maintain good neighbour relations with Indonesia, but Indonesia must remember that we are not a client state, and there is a limit to how far we are prepared to go to be nice. We have to think about protecting our national security interests and not putting them at risk. After all, our responsibility is to our own people, first and last.
I recall vividly the burning of our flag in 2002 in Jakarta, that very violent capital of Indonesia. Dr. Mahathir, the then Prime Minister responded in a statesman-like manner to the crude officially orchestrated provocation in which the petulant Speaker of the People's Consultative Council, Amein Rais played a big role. So, in the most recent incident, we were yet again treated to a pattern of behaviour that seems to have been well integrated into the great Indonesian cultural psyche, and that is part of their culture they can keep without any fear of copyright infringement by Malaysia.
It is obviously difficult for us to engage such a volatile country without causing offence and endless misunderstandings, but we must show patience and wisdom and do all we can to keep the relations on an even keel. Indonesia is still a country in transition and has yet to find its own realistic level in international relations. It seems to lack the confidence of a potentially rich and credible nation, and therefore occupies its time in the luxury of blaming others when things do not go their way. I suppose they will now want to take back all their nearly two million nationals, both legal and mostly illegal, working hard, and robbing hard, to keep body and soul together.
We are not your whipping boy. Grow up Indonesia!
You and I are aware of that for the sake of further strengthening Malays numerical superiority in Malaysia, those people in Umno who have the streak of recklessness have began their seemingly unselfish policy of "freely" giving citizenship to largely unskilled/uneducated workers from Indonesia, and if you compare the citizenships granted to Chinese and Indians in 1955., there were only 1 million in total. Nevertheless, since 1955, at least 6 million Indonesian have been granted citizenships, Khir Toyo's father only came to Malaysia in 1940s (FYI, as a peranakan, my ancestors came to Melaka in 1780s, almost 300 years earlier than Mahathir's Indian father).
I personally have no problem with granting citizenship to Indonesians as our country is doing so to provide a better future for their children and our country can become their "Promised Land", however, what I can't tolerate is that even after they've become "imported" bumiputras, they are still supporting "Indonesia team" and some of them even booed Malaysia team in our National Stadium in 1992 Thomas Cup badminton final between Indonesia and Malaysia!
I am writing to Umno to consider "import" Malays from Fiji, South Africa, Christmas Island, the Philippines because these Indonesia immigrants are not grateful and mudah lupa (easily forget)...they've come to this country to be immediately upgraded to "BUMIPUTRA"- (the prince of the soil) whereas in Indonesia they could be the most insignificant "the dust of soil". As "IMPORTED" Bumiputra, they are given the fair opportunity to openly share my 100% local-born pure Malay Bumiputra neighbours' rights and privileges, no wonder my 100% pure Malay Bumiputra neighbours are complaining that they're getting lesser and lesser... and now Umno, being the most cunning, points their dirty middle finger at Chinese Malaysians and accuses them of "stealing" too much so Bumiputra are still getting lesser and lesser, without realizing that Chinese have been the main contributors towards economic stability so much so Umno can attract "imported" bumiputra to come to this country...
Hello Umno, why not ship in another 30 million "imported" bumiputras from Indonesia, and see for yourself who are actually stealing your wealth? And see for yourself 30 years down the road what kind of Malaysia you will get...
Or merge with Indonesia then you can have at least 99% all-Muslims constituencies and finally put all the historical mistakes behind and realize the great dream of "MALAY UNITED KINGDOM"?? And see for yourself how much the Indonesians will respect the Sultans....
If Malaysia will be better off, JUST DO IT!
Do blame me if your daughters have to be maid in Singapore...

Friday, August 28, 2009

You & I Are Descendants of Adam!!

Dear Umno, I was not born to be discriminated against and marginalized by you! For I am a descendant of Adam and Eve too...
Allah created Adam and Eve. Remember, Allah created them and therefore, you and I are descendants of Adam and Eve. Adam is the first Prophet in Islamic faith who had the closest relationships with Allah. Adam had personally met Allah and had direct conversation with Allah, after he sinned against Allah by eating the forbidden fruit, he repented and Allah forgave him. Adam and his wife Eve had children on earth, and so far their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren have subdued the whole earth.

Now, the fact of the matter and the matter of the fact is that Allah allows different skin colors, languages to be developed among Adam's descendants (remember this is a fact that Allah allows it to happen or Allah wants it to happen). Allah is so great to the extent that He has granted Adam's descendants the freedom and liberty to either believe in Him or other idols. So we have people who are whole-hearted believers of Allah, and they are known as true-Muslims; and we have people who claim they are Muslims but they make MONEY & SEX their idols, they are known as fake Muslims. And most unfortunately, the majority of the descendants of Adam don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Allah. Why "no right opportunity" for them to know and accept Allah?? You need me to tell you why?! Because there are too many fake Muslims. Allah hates Fake Muslims more than those who don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Him.

Allah wants ALL the descendants of Adam to come back to acknowledge and accept Him as the creator of the whole universe and Adam, who is in heaven now, longs to see all his descendants to live harmoniously and peacefully on earth (would you want your grandchildren to fight among themselves?).

Imagine all Muslims in Malaysia can talk, think and behave like Dr. Bakri Musa, Dr. Azly Rahman, Zaid Ibrahim, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Syed Husin Ali, Tunku Abdul Aziz, Mohammad Nizar Jamaludin, Khalid Samad, Dr. Zulkifly and many others...I can tell you many Adam's descendants who don't have the right opportunity to know and accept Allah will want to know more about Allah and will one day come back to Allah to accept His mercy and love.

Unfortunately, we have a group of gangsters who like to wield Keris and always brainwash Muslims into believing that:
1. Even though we believe in Allah, we are still weak so we need APs, Quotas and Special Privileges;
(It is an insult!!!! For Quran has taught us that those who whole-heartedly believe in Him will be strengthend and have peace and wisdom). How can we live a paradox that we believe in Almighty Allah and yet we are weak intellectually, spiritually, economically, etc?? No, Quran says it very clearly-those who heart is with Allah shall have wisdom and peace. Amin.

SO TRUE MUSLIMS are peace-loving, spirtually-strong and have wisdom. Fake Muslims are violent, arrogant, spiritually-weak and are stupid. Remember, Fake Muslims are spiritually-weak so...
1. they can't use internet (for they will surf porn websites)
2. they can't enter convenient stores like 7-11 (for they will be trembling at the sight of beers)
3. they can't see pretty and sexywomen (for erection and uncontrollable ejaculation are immediate).
4. they can't attend "Michael Learn to Rock" concert (for their minds will be corrupted by a concert).
5. they can't allow pubs or discoteques (for they can't overcome the temptation to go in and see pretty girls and consume liquor).
6. they can't allow other religious books to be printed in certain language (for if they read it, their mind will get spining).
7. they can't allow casino (for they will be tempted to gambling).

Allah is the creator of whole universe, He is Almighty and those who believe in Him is a conqueror, isn't it what Quran has taught us??

Allah purposely planted a tree in paradise and admonised Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree, why? Allah wanted them to learn how to conquer the temptation. Even though they failed but they repented from this mistake (sin), Allah still accepted and forgave them.

So Allah is Omnipotent and Omnipresent, He knows you will fall throughout your spiritual journey, but Allah is most compassionate and merciful, He is ready to forgive and forget. TRUE MUSLIMS may fall but they have a heart of repentance. Anwar Ibrahim is one of them. True Muslims are willing to admit mistakes and courageous to take up responsibility, Tengku Razaleigh is one of the good examples.



Fake Muslims are just simply "fake people", they always tell you...
1. they never sin (even Adam & Even met Allah and they sinned against Allah).
2. they are holy (once you tell people you're holy, you've lost your holiness).
3. they are against corruption (but they buy votes to get elected).
4. they are pround and arrogant (Allah ONLY give grace to the humble)

As mentioned above, Fake Muslims are so weak to the extent that they resort to corrupt practices like buying votes to get elected in a political party which claims to defend Islam!! Isn't it ridiculous that Fake Muslims always challenge TRUE MUSLIMS to defend Islam? Fake Muslims talk about defending Islam all the times.
I am thinking what Adam could be thinking in heaven right now...Most of his descendants have not known and accepted his creator-Allah. Why?

I also carry the blood of Adam and my forefather was created by Allah, but I am confused!...
Maybe I am UMNO=Ur Mind Not Okay!!!!
Remember, those who believe in Allah will have a sound mind, unless you're UMNO...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Allah love us and He wants to forgive us!

Those who insist on harsh punishment being meted on a girl who drank liqour in the state of Pahang have failed to understand the heart of Allah. This girl has apologized, repented and suffered from the pain of humiliation and embarassment, what else would you want to inflict on her? My fasting experience with fellow Muslim friends in this month of Ramadan has given me a better "heart of compassion".

Please read the article below, which I wrote last Ramandan.
In this Holy month of Ramadan, I can’t help but to delve into the true meaning of fasting and to gain an insight into Allah’s instruction for His people to attain piety. Islam as a great faith in the world has greatly impacted the lives of billions. As a non-Muslim in Malaysia who has voluntarily chosen to fast with Muslims in Ramadan, I have come to an understanding that the effect of physical starvation will never outweigh spiritual strength/renewal obtained through fasting. Naturally or supernaturally, physical starvation or hunger will create a heart of compassion in us and make us empathise with the sufferings of others. Ramadan is also a month for all the Muslims to do soul-searching and attain higher spiritual level so as to having a sound mind to distinguish right from wrong – also to receive revelation from Allah.
Let’s look at what Quran says about fasting month of Ramadan:
"Ramadan is the (month) in which Qur'an was sent down, as a guide to mankind, and a clear guidance and judgement (so that mankind will distinguish right from wrong). Whoever among you witnesses the month of Ramadan should fast through it. But whoever is sick or on a journey, the prescribed period (missed should be made up) by days later. Allah wants ease for you and He does not want to put you into difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful" Q(2:185).
"O ye who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for people before you so that you will (learn how to attain) piety" (Q2:183)
Since Ramadan is the (month) in which Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind, I have chosen to read the Quran in this Ramadan as part of my spiritual odyssey to seek the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Mighty Creator of the whole universe, to acquire basic understanding of Islam and to examine whether the non-Muslim world has wrongly accused Islamic faith and Muslims.As a Malaysian of 33 years old, I am so ashamed to admit that I just learned the meaning of this word “Islam”, in fact Islam is derived from the Arabic root "Salema": peace, purity, submission and obedience. In the religious sense, Islam means submission to the will of Allah and the peace of Allah.
Part of my reading of Quran has led me to the knowledge of Allah’s creation of the whole universe. I personally feel that it takes more faith to believe in the Theory of Evolution or Darwinism as Nothing is Nothing, how can Nothing becomes Something? Everything must have a beginning, and with every beginning there comes a “beginner”. So I acknowledge it is Allah who created the whole universe or Allah could have ignited the big bang to set the whole universe in order and bring forth life. So as a non-Muslim, I share a common point with Muslims that it is Allah who created the universe.
What is more intriguing to me is that Allah is a Mighty Creator who gives mankind the freedom to choose what they want to do; in modern terms, it is a respect of human rights. Allah created Adam and Eve as the first couple of Homo sapiens, and Adam went on to become the first Prophet of Islam. So let’s follow the story about what happened to this wonderful couple.
According to Quran, Allah commanded Adam to dwell in Paradise: "O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in the Paradise and eat both of you freely with pleasure and delight of things therein as wherever you will, but come not near this tree or you both will be of the Zalimeen (wrong doers).(2:35)Adam and eve were admitted to Paradise and there they lived the dream of all human beings. Allah permitted them to approach and enjoy everything except one tree that might have been the Tree of Pain or the Tree of Knowledge, some scholars call it Evil Tree. Allah said to Adam, "But come not near this tree or you both will be of the wrong doers." (2:35)
Adam was however a human being. Iblis (satan/devil) summoned all the envy within him and took advantage of Adam's humanity to exploit him. He started to whisper to him day after day, coaxing him: "Shall I guide you to the Tree of Immortality and the Eternal Kingdom?" He said to them: "Your Lord did not forbid you this tree save you should become angels or become of the immortals." He (Satan) swore by Allah to them both saying: "Verily I am one of the sincere well wishers for you both." (7:20-21)Adam and Eve understood that they were forbidden by Allah to eat the fruit of that tree. But why Allah wanted to plant a tree in the Paradise?1). Since Allah is Omniscient, Allah could have known beforehand that Adam and Eve would succumb to temption and therefore the removal of this evil tree must be made necessary, lest Adam and Eve fall into temptation,2. Since Allah is Omnipresent, when Adam and Eve were about to approach the tree, Allah could appear in front of them and cautioned them against the serious consequences or Allah could stop the devil from talking to them, how could Allah leave them in the lurch?
Why Allah allowed this mishap to happen to Adam and Eve, whom Allah had created to dwell in the Paradise? And why satan could enter or appear in Paradise?The obvious answers to the questions above is “FREE WILL”- that Allah allowed the existence of this evil tree in Paradise so Adam and Eve could learn how to conquer temptation and they could be completely at ease in the face of temptation as they had the Peace of Allah and the Peace with Allah. Allah wanted them to be cheerful and happy in the Paradise and the Peace of Allah would empower them to sail through the temptation. Allah won’t want Adam and Eve to shout and yell and hold placards protesting against the evil tree. The presence of satan in Paradise is truly symbolic of the possible blemishes/imperfection in a perfect world.Allah is Omnipotent and the Creator of the whole universe, Allah could have made Adam and Eve like a robot without freedom to choose what they want to do, and by a click from Allah, Adam and Eve could be completely destroyed. But Allah breathed a breath of freedom into Adam’s life, a freedom that allowed Adam to even defy the command of Allah!The end:Adam and Eve left Paradise and descended upon the earth. Adam was sad and Eve was crying. Allah accepted their repentance because it was sincere and Allah told them that the earth would be their realm and origin where they would live and die and whence they would come on the Day of Judgment.
As I meditated on these Quranic verses, I can’t help but come to a deeper respect and appreciation for Allah’s magnanimity, loving-kindness and patience towards mankind, I couldn’t imagine how hard Adam and Eve had hurt Allah, but I know Allah is Merciful! Allah greatness is reflected through His meekness, gentleness, mercifulness, acceptance and forgiveness.Dear Muslim friends, from Adam and Eve incident we can figure out that “innocence is not a virtue, but virtue is innocence tested”; only if Adam and Eve had overcome the temptation, could they be really counted as innocent. Allah wants His people to overcome temptation and be at peace with Him. Though Adam and Eve had failed to heed His command, Allah accepted their sincere repentance. Allah wants us to get up from where we’ve fallen down and move on with our life!If Allah has allowed the Evil Tree and satan to appear in Paradise, who are we to close down discotheque and casino, ban pageant contest, ban bikini, ban alcohol, ban concert, etc in Malaysia? How can we justify a rapist sexual aggression against a scantily dressed girl? Can we lock up all the Muslim children in a remote village without internet access, TV and DVD player so when they grow up they won’t see the evil, hear the evil and talk the evil? No, we can never do that to our children! Living in seclusion is not the way Allah had prepared for Adam and Eve.Allah never instructed Adam and Eve to burn down or bomb the Evil Tree as some religious bigots had done in our neighbouring countries. Instead, Allah said to them, “Enjoy your life here in Paradise and keep a distance from the evil tree and don’t eat the fruits.” After they failed to follow the command of Allah, Allah took the initiative to look for them and the sincere repentance of Adam and Eve moved the heart of Allah –The real problem with our society today is not that our corrupt Muslim politicians have eaten the forbidden fruits, but it is that they don’t have a heart of repentance at all after eating the forbidden fruits, and the forbidden fruits seem to taste sweeter and sweeter to them, it is a case of never “enough”.
Allah wants Muslims to be spiritual, NOT religious. Allah doesn’t want His people to over-emphasize on His Divinity and yet completely neglect His Humanity.
Allah wants Muslims to acknowledge the fact that He allows the world to become what it is today, to respect His authority that He has created different races with different cultures and different languages, if the Almighty Allah won’t want you to live in a multiracial environment, He would have created a world of the Muslims, by the Muslims and for the Muslims. Allah is Omnipotent, by one click He can easily move all the non-Muslims to the moon and achieve the goal of complete segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims, but Allah is Merciful and He has His ultimate purpose which both Muslims and non-Muslims may not be able to comprehend for the time being.Since Allah has created mankind with different colors like black, yellow, white, orange, beige, etc, you and I have to accept it with a cheerful heart; racism has no room in our society as Islam forbids racism!
Ramadan is a significant month for all Muslims around the world, may all Muslims, including Jihadists, experience the Mercy of Allah in this festive season. Muslims will never “know” Allah without really “experiencing” the mercifulness of Allah.
May the physical fasting bring for more spiritual hunger for our Muslim politicians to fight for social injustices and the oppressed.
May the sincere repentance of Adam and Eve be seen in all of our Muslim politicians, who have secretly eaten the forbidden fruits.
May all the Muslims in Malaysia open up their hearts to embrace multiculturalism and diversity as Allah has permitted it to happen in Malaysia.
May all the Muslims in Malaysia be able to distinguish right from wrong in this fasting month of Ramadan to discard all the bad leaders so righteousness and justice can be re-installed in our country.
May Islam-“peace and purity” saturates into every corner of our society.
May Allah protect our country, bless our Sultans, King and all Muslim politicians!
Last but not least, I would like to wish all Muslim friends in Malaysia Happy Hari Raya.

Loi Bih Siang, Benjamin
The word Allah in the Arabic language means God, or more accurately, The One and Only Eternal God, Creator of the Universe, Lord of all lords, King of all kings, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.


Monday, January 12, 2009

My cousin Lim Tee Hong Passed Away, Aged 29

On 12 Jan 10:12pm, I received a call informing me that my cousin has passed away in a road accident near Ipoh.

I couldn't breathe for several seconds as I was emotionally overwhelmed by his sudden passing away, this cousin of mine told me how he wished to have the opportunity to leave his family behind and completely forgot his unhappy unbringing, he said to me that "peace" was what he was pursuing; Tee Hong was from a very broken family where his father and mother would quarrel all day long and since young I ever saw him defending his mother when his parents got physical, he told me he never experienced "quietness" in his entire life...

I am sad because he is the only relative I have had with whom I could genuinely share my feelings, he was real to me so was I to him. Years ago, he ever asked me a question about eternity, and coincidentally, a pastor from America shared a similar topic at my church recently. I find it thought provoking and so I am writting this article at 4:13am on 13 Jan, to stave off insomnia resulting from the loss of a close friend and relative...

Those who know me well will know that I won't share my feelings easily in front of people, and I won't write an article to inform you of my current emotions or sadness, however, his sudden death prompted me to deeply look into this topic of "eternity" which is the eventuality you and I, regardless of language, race or religion, will have to face one day.
Our conversation went on like these:
Tee: you believe in eternity or eternal life?
Ben: yes, though all men are mortal, our journey of eternity started when we were born...
Tee: how long is eternity or eternal life?
Ben: eternity means forever, never ending, infinite...
Tee: isn't it scary to live in heaven or in hell forever, never ending, infinitely....
Ben: I am not sure, it could be quite scary in hell, but definitely not in heaven.
Tee: you mean we will never "disappear" completely?
Ben: we may die one day, but our soul will continue to "live" forever, either in hell or in heaven
Tee: you selling christianity again...
Ben: nope, every religion believes in eternity!
Tee: so if I don't trust the existence of gods, then I can opt out of this circle of eternity or whatever crappy stuff, just live life happily and do whatever I want.
Ben: gods or God don't require you to believe in his existence so can he exist.
Tee: that means we have no choice, but must be forced to "enter" eternity, good or bad eternity??
Ben: we have a choice to choose good eternity.
Tee: you selling christianity again.
Ben: haha, you've a choice
Tee: why people talk about eternal life when the present life is miserable enough?
Ben: present life and eternal life are NOT inseparable. We were created to freely choose either we want good eternity or bad eternity.
Tee: why you think we are created by god?
Ben: come on lah, you think the big bang will evolve into mankind that results your father sperms to mix with your mum eggs to produce you? (I take off the vulgar parts)
Tee: this is something very natural, you have sex, then you will have baby...
Ben: nothing is nothing, if the universe is nothing, then there is nothing...if there is something, there must be a beginning, everything with a "beginning", there must be a "beginner", so you think who was the first couple to have sex to produce mankind? and who produced them?
Tee: they were monkey before they evolved into mankind with higher level of intelligence
Ben: then who produced or created monkey?
Tee: monkey came from a seashell.
Ben: how can a seashell become monkey?
Tee: theory of evolution lah, you never studied it ahhh...
Ben: then who created seashell?
Tee: Big bang lah...
Ben: what caused the big bang?
Tee: something natural, can't explain one lahhhh
Ben: so this is what you say- out of nothing, there was a big bang, after the big bang, there was seashell, then the seashell became monkey, and monkey became u??
Tee: maybe lahhh
Ben: then everthing is meaningless. the big bang (got no emotions) - seashell (got no emotions) -then monkey (got emotions?) - you (very emotional??)
Tee: life is meaningless wat...
Ben: then how come not all the descendents of monkey think like you that life is meaningless.
Tee: hard to explain lahhhh
Ben: eternity is longer than 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 years, and you can only live at most for 80 to 90 years, your present life is just only the "smallest" dot as you compare to eternal life or eternity, whether you like it or not, this is the eventuality, your " extremely very-short" present life will determine your eternity, you'd better think about it.
Tee: haha, better don't talk about it with me....
Dear readers:
If you know your "8-hour" will the determine the result of your "1-week", will you be serious with your "8-hour"?
If you know your "1-year" will determine the result of your "10-year", will you be serious with your "1-year"?
If you know "10-year" will determine your "50-year", will be serious with your "10-year"?
If you know your "85-year" will determine your 100000000000000000000000000000000 years, will you be serious with it? Your present life determines your eternity, let's live our life meaningfully!
Live our daily life to the fullest and make every minute and second count, we have only one life to live!
It doesn't matter whether you will see Allah, Jesus or Buddha when you die, but I believe the "fact of the matter" will be that gods or God will ask you why didn't you apply yourself to make your life meaningful, fruitful and productive to impact the life of others? If you're a believer? Why are you still being so lazy and demand special protections and privileges? All men are equal before God...there is no racism in the realm of eternity! sorry I think I am talking about politics again.....

Frankly, I don't know whether he is in heaven or in hell now, he attended church quite a couple of times when he was a young boy and since then he "explored" all kinds of gods, he even explored Islamic faith with his Muslim friends, but he accepted none as he thought life was meaningless...I wish I could see him in heaven, if I happen to be there myself!
Tee Hong rest in peace and "quietness"!

May God bless Lim Tee Hong family members!

13 Jan 2009 6:12am finished writing....