Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please Install More Loudspeakers so Muslims in Malaysia Will Daily Be Reminded to Seek Allah & Follow the Teaching of Quran

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cheras Umno division has started a fund to assist Utusan Malaysia in defending itself against a RM30mil defamation lawsuit filed by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.
Kicking off the fund with a RM20,000 contribution, division head Datuk Syed Ali Al Habshee said the Tabung Azan would also be used to assist mosques and suraus that needed money to buy loudspeakers for the purpose of the azan (call to prayer).
As Islam is Malaysia official religion, we must support the suggestion to install more loudspeakers for the purpose of the Azan. The louder, the better! Please install one in Najib's house, Mahathir's house, Syed Hamid's house, etc...
It is important for Malaysia to cherish and implement the teaching of Quran so our country will be the first Muslim/Islamic country in the world to be corruption and crime-free!
The installation of big loudspeakers will allow all Muslims in Malaysia to be reminded of their daily duties to offer prayers to Allah and for reflection upon the true Muslim life.
As a non-Muslim, I strongly support it for I deeply believe that the more loudspeakers we have in the Suraus and Mosques, the more righteous and holier Muslims we are going to see in Malaysia- as the loudspeakers in every Suraus and Mosques will remind Muslims of the need to seek Allah through prayers and it will also serve as a reminder to lead a godly Muslim life and to resist temptation and sins.
Therefore, the purpose of the Azan is important and significant in Malaysia for:
1. Allah to remind politicians that if they get involved in money politics, they will go to HELL.
2. Allah to remind our government if they detain innocent people, they will go to HELL.
3. Allah to remind our Ministers, Politicians and Civil Servants that if they commit adultery, they will go to HELL.
4. Allah to remind our Ministers, Politicians and Civil Servants that if they are involved in corruption, they will go to HELL.
5. Allah to remind everybody that He is against racism and all racists go to HELL.
6. Allah to remind everybody that rapists, robbers, looters, plunderers, arsonists, murderers, molesters, etc all go to HELL.
Remember to pray, confesss and repent, lest you suffer the fiery fire in the HELL...
I love loudspeakers so we can have "louder" reminder! - for a better Malaysia which is free from racism, crime, corruption and injustice!
Please remember to install a loudspeaker in Mahathir, Najib and Syed Hamid house...
May Allah Bless Our Country, Amin!


Andrew said...

The cheras UMNO division was just ranting about forms and forgetting about substance lah ! For God sees the heart and not your loud speakers mah !

In any case, the way he sounded the alarm of the court case against Utusan itself is already an insult to our intelligence. When a newspaper and its reporter writes lies and causes the freedom of someone and incarcerated them without trials, don't the victims have rights to sue to regain their dignity ?

He even had the audacity to mentioned that if anyone goes against Utusan meant that it is also going against Malays and Islam since it involved the issue of azan in this case. What a load of crabs and it remind me of a saying that goes : on the left brain got nothing right and on the right brain go nothing left. Thus, a tin kosong indeed makes the loudest noice.

Negara Kita said...

and amitabha...

Hajar said...

Laudable attempt to invoke a sense of righteousness among Muslims whilst constantly being reminded to uphold the values and teachings of Islam.

That is unless they choose to turn a deaf ear to it ...

To which many have chosen to ...

A distressing fact.

Seconds to your supplication and may divine intervention make our motherland a better country for all. Amin.