Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something to Ponder...

I've received many feedback and emails about my personal fasting experience and the reading of Quran, some said my view is thought-provoking while others used inflammatory words to demonize me, their letters are full of religious rhetoric which could have the potential of inciting sectarian violence! Also, there are three readers accused me of having a political agenda intending to "poison" the mind of Muslims...
  1. I am a simple person pursuing the simplicity of life.
  2. I am just sharing my personal experience of fasting and the reading of Quran.
  3. I am not a supporter of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but I support any cause to make Malaysia a better place for all of us.
  4. I seriously do not think a simple letter of mine can "poison" the mind of Muslims.
  5. I am Not promoting Islamic "Liberalism", but through the reading of Quran, I find it undeniable that Allah's given Adam and the progeny of Adam a choice - A choice to follow the teaching of Quran and walk in righteousness, or a choice to betray the mercy of Allah and follow the footsteps of satan.
  6. I am of the view that if Muslims don't follow the teaching and the spirit of Quran, they are just a "nominal" Muslim, however, those Muslims who go against the teaching of Quran are "bad" Muslims. I leave it to the readers to judge whether good Muslims outnumber bad Muslims in our government.
  7. I am not anti-government or anti-Islam. On the contrary, I sincerely urge our political leaders to use their "heart", not "their mouth", to follow the teaching of Quran.


Nearly 14 years ago, I went to Canada to further my education, throughout my of stay in Canada as a university student, I had the opportunity to meet Muslim friends from Middle-east and other countries, I had a close friend from Iran whose family waited for almost 9 years to come to Canada, his father was killed in Iran-Iraq war which lasted almost 7 years and her mother single-handedly brought up him and his younger brother, he told me almost everything about Islamic faith and his struggle to accept the reality of the Muslim world. Nevertheless, I could always sense the thirst he had to seek the peace of God.

As Canada does take in considerable number of Muslims as asylum seekers, many of them come to Canada with a dream...A dream to be set free, not from Islam faith, but from the dictators who rule under the name of God and using the name of God to wage war - many people died in Iran-Iraq war!!


When I was in Canada, I loved to watch documentary\ies like National Geography, CNN/BBC documentaries, etc. I watched similar TV documentary about the life of Jesus almost every Christmas, some producers cast doubt on the virgin birth of Jesus and some even went to the extent to deduce that Mary had sex with Joseph and bluffed the people into thinking and believing that she was a virgin so as to escape the punishment of the day. No Christian would go on street, running amok and chanting slogans to kill the producer or holding placard to protest against the documentary program... That might not be the case for other faiths! Why?


Something to ponder and I can't fall asleep now!


benjamin 15/Sept/2008, 4:17AM

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Jivanti said...

Your blog is very thought provoking. Keep posting good entries like these.
It's nice to stumble upon someone who shares the same view on different things and expresses it beautifully.