Friday, September 12, 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Good Muslim!

Dear All:
As I mentioned in my article titled: "An Open Letter To All Muslim Friends In Malaysia", Ramadan is a Holy month when we come to emphathize with the sufferings of others and through fasting our physical starvation shall bring forth spiritual renewal to be grateful for Allah's mercy and compassion!
The detention of Raja Petra Kamarudin under ISA in Ramadan is the most unholiest thing the BN regime has done to stifle the voice of freedom! It is utterly unbecoming of a country where Islam is the Official Religion to use uncivilized way to detain the innocent people, as we know the teaching of Islam is against detention without trials!
I urge all Malaysians, regardless of race, language and religion, to reject the BN regime use of draconian law to suppress people freedom of speech!
Raja Petra Kamarudin has done NOTHING wrong!
May Allah protect him and his family, Amin!
(The Straits Times) KUALA LUMPUR - THE wife of Malaysia's top anti-government blogger says police have arrested him under a law allowing indefinite detention without trial.
Online commentator Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin has increasingly infuriated authorities by publishing numerous claims about alleged wrongdoings by government leaders on his popular site, Malaysia Today.
The government has denounced most of Raja Petra's allegations as lies.
Raja Petra's wife, Marina Lee Abdullah, said police came to their home on Friday to serve an arrest warrant on him.
Mdm Marina said police informed them he was being arrested under the Internal Security Act, a widely criticised law used against suspects regarded as national security threats.
Government and police officials could not immediately be contacted. -- AP


B_Human said...

I pray for Raja Petra safety
May God Bless Raja Petra

joharihamzah said...


pertama kali melihat blog saudara ini, saya rasa ada kelainannya..

saya telah baca artikel2 yang lepas(termasuk yang ditujukan pada Muslim di Malaysia). saya insaf dan menyedari bahawa perkara yang disebut saudara itu ada benarnya..

insya-Allah, negara ini akan sentiasa aman dan akan jadi seperti yang diimpikan saudara, jika masih ada orang yang berilmu, berfikir dan sentiasa memberi nasihat..