Thursday, September 18, 2008

... Of Numerical Superiority!

On 10th Sept 1982, Dr Mahathir in his address at the 33rd Umno Annual General Assembly urged Malaysians to aim for a population of 70 million as a basis for a ready market and demand for local goods. (In fact, everybody knows Dr. Mahathir was urging Malays to increase the population).
On 6th April 1984, Dr Mahathir announced that maternity and leave benefits would be extended to parents having five children as a measure to encourage people to have more children to achieve the 70 million population target.
Without taking into consideration of health, education, employment and other social issues, Dr. Mahathir's goal was simply to achieve "numerical" superiority so as to ensure racial dominance "numerically" -- the more we have, the stronger we will be! I hate to make this comparison, but I think we should have the knowledge that there are only less than 14 million of Jewish people around the world; out of about 750 Nobel Prize laureates, 180+ are Jewish people. According to Dr. Mahathir, the Jews rule the world by proxy, which has further proven that "Number" doesn't really count!
We can "import" 45 million from Indonesia to achieve the target immediately or we can urge every married couple in Malaysia to have at least 8-10 children. But is Malaysia economy strong enough to sustain the rapid and "abnormal" rate of population growth?.
I am not against Dr.Mahathir policy to increase our population, but it must not be done for the sole purpose of achieving racial imbalance and therefore create racial dominance for a particular racial group in the country. This is a dangerous move because it can destabilize our country economically, socially and even politically. By granting citizenships to million of indonesians won't alleviate the poverty of Malays or improve their standard of living, conversely, it will aggravate the situation and reduce the government resources available to each Malay household. It seriously makes things worse!
What's the point of having more children when we can't nurture them, give them food, shelter and a proper education?
Look at what's happening in Indonesia today:

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Hj M Zin said...

Yes, Benjamin!

"Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu, melainkan mereka mengubah nasib diri mereka sendiri,"
al-Quran, Surah Ar-Ra'd (13: 11)

Kind regards from Alor Gajah,