Saturday, September 20, 2008

If Umno is telling the truth...

I received emails asking me why I hate BN or Umno. I wish to clarify that I hate racism and corruption to the core! Umno is just a political organization, whereas BN is a political coalition. I don't have to hate an organization or its people, but I hate their immoral behaviour and hypocrisy!

Umno, as the backbone of BN, has deepened the racial polarization in our country by misleading the Malay masses into believing that granting the citizenships to Chinese and Indians have resulted in serious and irrevocable consequences for the Malays, therefore, Chinese and Indians must be systematically categorized and addressed as "Pendatang" to highlight the supreme position of "Penduduk".

I do agree that, prior to Malaya Independence, the first generation of "immigrants" can be perceived as "Pendatang", many of them were from Indonesia, China and India and they came to Malaysia mainly for the sole reason of earning a livelihood. But how can the Malaysia-born non-Malays (non-bumis) be considered as "Pendatang"? Under the guise of protecting Malay rights and interests, our government has imposed "generational curse" on us and expediently labelled us as a potential "threat" to the Malay rights and interests.

To instill "fear" into the mind of Malays, Umno first created tension in the area of education by projecting the image of non-Malays as the "robber" of scholarships and university places. To perpetuate the antagonism between Malays and non-Malays, thousand of over-qualified non-bumi students have been denied tertiary education in public universities or the course they wish to pursue. We are being "penalized" for studying hard, worse still, we are deemed as potential "threat" and "robber"! Who have robbed Malaysians of education opportunity? Umno...
Our corrupt governance is highlighted in Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore figures “that Malaysia may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM380 billion=RM380000000000) since the early 1980s to corruption.” Malaysia lost RM 380 billion to corruption during Mahathir’s 22 year old reign, the actual situation could have worsened and this is a conservative figure! Most of the cronies have "parked" their money overseas...

RM380000000000 can build hundred, if not thousand, world-class universities and hospitals!! Every qualified Bumi and non-Bumi students could have been sufficiently provided with scholarship. But Umno-led government will have to reject few Malay applicants and many non-Malay applicants to create the atmosphere of animosity and antagonism, Umno can "drain" Rm380000000000 and yet tell the Rakyat that the government doesn't have money to provide ample number of scholarships!! Those few Malay applicants will think non-Malays have taken away their opportunities and the non-Malays will hate the government for defending the Malay rights and interests. Does Umno really bother to care for the Malay rights and interests??

To gain legitimacy to rule and exploit Malaysia, Umno has resorted to communalism,ostensibly to protect the rights and interests of Malays, but in actual fact to enrich a small group of cronies who have plundered the wealth of our country with impunity! Any challenge to remove this small group of cronies and clean up our government will be interpreted as challenging the supreme position of the Malays, and for this reason, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been accused of betraying the Malay rights and interests.

We can build hundred of world-class public universities and provide sufficient scholarships to accommodate the desire of every Malaysian, regardless of race, to receive tertiary education, but Umno won't allow it to happen since this is a specific area where they can easily gain political mileage to perpetuate their exploitation in the country. The Malay masses will always be thankful to Umno and forgive Umno of their transgressions as they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that without Umno they will be finished off economically and politically. Umno's cohorts in BN like MCA and MIC further reinforce the "threat" and "robber" conspiracy in the mind of Malays! DAP's ideology of equality for all races further frightens Malays off.

I seriously don't think Chinese or other non-bumis are against any government policies to sincerely protect the interests and rights of Malays so as to uplift the Malays' competitiveness, but Umno has chosen a short-cut to mislead Malays by rejecting Chinese and other non-bumis. Non-bumis entry into Mara institute of Technology Universiti (UiTM) are totally denied to effectively demonstrate Umno protection over Malay rights and interests.

Can we remove this small group of corrupt cronies, clean up our government without compromising the special rights and position of Malays? Yes, we can!
1.We can give scholarships to all Malays who are in need of it.
2.We can establish more universities to accommodate every Malay desire to receive good and complete education.
3.Only able, honest and responsible Malay businessmen are awarded government projects.

If Umno is telling the truth, Umno won't treat non-bumis as "pendatang" because without pendatang sweating blood in this country, Umno won't be able to claim the credits before the Malay masses, and Malaysia may not be what it is today! Instead of recognizing our sincerity and contributions, Umno has successfully invented an imaginary "enemy" so that they can assume a legitimate role of "Protector"!
My indignation is that: How can Umno repay kindness and well-intention with hostility?!
Being able to excel in education and business is crucial for our country to move forward and compete internationally, it is for the benefits of Malaysia and Malays as well, but Umno has wrongly interpreted our efforts as "threat" to the rights and interests of Malays.
Umno, you're not telling the truth!

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