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'Give Royals more power to protect Malay interests'
As a Malaysian Chinese, I support it! Please read the following news...

(The Star) - The Tengku Mahkota of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, wants Umno to make efforts to strengthen the institution of the Malay rulers to enhance its role as the protector of the people, especially the Malays, and Islam.
“It’s not that we want more power but we need to study (the matter) so that this institution is not humiliated, mocked or belittled by anyone,” he said in an exclusive interview with Khabar Pahang, the state government’s official newspaper.
He said the abolition of the immunity of the rulers some time ago had indirectly given the impression that the institution was not on a sound footing and could become irrelevant.
But everyone should realise that the institution of the Malay rulers had played an effective role in the country’s development, he said.
He said that while the nation’s leaders were fighting for independence, the representatives of the Malay rulers had also participated, including in the talks in London.
In this context, it was not a question of who had more power, the executive, the government of the day or the institution of rulers but rather, of the Malay rulers and the ruling party having the spirit to co-exist so that the well-being and sovereignty of the nation were preserved at all times, he added. – Bernama
Dearest Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah :

Peace be with you and may the Almighty Allah protect and greatly bless You and the Royal Household! Amin.

As a humble subject of His Majesty, I received the news with great joy that Malay Rulers are actively seeking power to protect the Malay interests and Islam. It is apparent that behind the facade of protecting Malay interests and Islam, Umnoputras have sought to fatten their coffers, and politics has cheaply become a channel for some megalomaniac Malays to gain wealth, fame and power, outwardly they act as a selfless hero fighting for Malays’ cause, inwardly and secretly they seek to enrich themselves, which is why “money politics” has become so rampant in Umno. The chiefs of each division of Umno throughout Malaysia are “full-time” warlords waiting to be served instead of serving the people. They are served with government projects, money, etc.

Over the last 50 years, Umno, under the guise of being Malay interests and Islam protector, has ruthlessly ruled our country and their blatant disregard for the rule of law, particularly in the government handling and treatment of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, has made Malaysia an international laughing stock.

Umno’s pride and arrogance has over the years eroded our much cherished Constitutional Monarchy System, where the Conference of Rulers should act as a mechanism of check and balance to the government so as to curb corruption and abuse of power by the government. It is unfortunate that the Constitution has been amended several times since independence to suit the flavour of Umno to justify their continued exploitation in Malaysia!

The Royal Household shall not be allowed to slip into oblivion in Malaysia, instead the former dignity and special rights of Malay Rulers shall be restored to play an active role in the country’s development.

Prior to independence, Umno gained legitimacy from Sultans to begin a movement to protect the rights of Malays and Islam, and the movement evolved into the forming of a political party called Umno. If Umno has failed to uplift the standard of living of Malay masses over the last 50 years, Umno has lost the legitimacy to rule the country.

To provide justification for their failure and weaknesses, Umno has embarked on a race-based game to deflect and divert the attention from the government malpractice, Chinese has inevitably become the easy scapegoat and the community has been repeatedly and scurrilously accused of causing the poverty of the Malays. It is Malays who “control” the economy of Malaysia, not Chinese! (Please read my article titled: Malays Control the Economy of Malaysia, Not Chinese).

Umno’s “scapegoating” strategy has ripped Malaysia apart and brought about racial polarization and mistrust, if Chinese is the root-cause of the Malay problems; then would forced segregation between Malays and non-Malays solve the problems? Absolutely not! Imagine we transfer all the Chinese to Sabah from Malaysia Peninsula in 1963 when Sabah joined the Federation of Malaysia, would that make things better or easier for Umno to alleviate the Malay dilemma?

“Scapegoating” political parties will perilously lead Malaysia into a disastrous end. Instead of dealing with the actual problems and finding a feasible solution, “Scapegoating” party like Umno’s top priority is to find an easy scapegoat, when the easy scapegoat is no longer there (in 80 years’ time the number of Chinese in Malaysia will only make up to 3-5% of total population), Umno will have to find a new scapegoat and that could be another predominantly Malay political organization or the Malay Rulers or maybe "Jewish people" for causing the problems in the country.

Cambodians are no longer showing great reverence to the Royal Household, Nepal has jettisoned its Constitution Monarchy system and become a republic not too long ago, in Indonesia, the monarchy system has been destroyed and for the case of some West African countries, the Monarchs become the target of ridicule. If the people of a mono-ethnic country are living in poverty and not progressing well, the monarchy will easily become a target of criticism. Imagine a 100% Malay’s Malaysia in 100 years’ time, will Malay be better off or worse off?
Chinese dynasties of hundreds of years could disappear overnight because of peasants’ uprising. We shall never allow it to happen in Malaysia because the uniqueness of our Constitutional Monarchy system has served our country well and it is an inseparable and integral part of Malaysian history and heritage. The relevancy of our Monarch must be strengthened to protect the rights of the people. The poverty of the Malays must be uplifted and those who are tasked with helping the Malays must be made accountable and answerable to His Majesty and all Malaysians. Those Menteri Besars who are involved in corrupt practises must be brought to prostrate before the Sultans for breach of trust and abuse of power.

To protect the Malay interests and Islam, the following things must be done to achieve the goal:
1. Government must encourage Malays to embrace multiculturalism and diversity so they are able to integrate into global environment. Any policies tending to narrow the mind of the Malays must be immediately taken off. This seriously amounts to the obstruction of the development of mind of the Malays.

2. Government must hire the best Vice-Chancellors, professors, researchers and lecturers at the institutions of higher learning to educate Malays, so they will be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to compete internationally. All the unqualified, mediocre university Vice-Chancellors, professors, lecturers and teaching staff must be removed, lest Malay students suffer from mental and intellectual retrogression. Malays deserve to have the best teaching staff to lead them into intellectual enlightenment, not psyche them into believing the “pendatang” is the root-cause of their problems!

3. Only the ablest, honest, non-racist, highly capable and intelligent Malays can be appointed as Cabinet Ministers to serve the Malays. Malays deserve to have the best Malay leaders to serve them and we are uncompromising about it! All the second-class Malay ministers and politicians must be removed and let the 1st class take over! Potential candidates are as follows:
a).Dr Azly Rahman (Education and Higher Education Minister)
b).Raja Petra Kamaruddin (Home Affairs Minister)
c).Tunku Abdul Aziz of DAP (Finance Minister)
d).Harris Mohamed Ibrahim (De Facto Law Minister in Prime Minister Office)
e). Dr. Bakri Musa (Health Minister)
f).And many others.
4. To promote Islam, all the civil servants, officials and government ministers (including non-Muslim) must be requested to sign “Aku Janji” to be penalized under Hudud Laws, those who are caught taking bribery or involved in corruption will have their hand chopped off, repeat offender will have the other hand chopped off, and repeat “repeat” offender will have their leg loped off, and so on. We cannot tolerate the pillars of Malay society to be involved in corruption, adultery and embezzlement of government fund.

5. Malays deserve to have good Muslim leaders and good Muslims to emulate: Islam means "the peace of Allah or the submission to the Will of Allah". We must let the peace of Allah be felt in every facet of our society. Every Muslim must be taught to spread the message of peace and condemn violence. Draconian laws like ISA, OSA, etc which are against the teaching of Islam must be immediately repealed.

6. Only able, honest, responsible and capable Malays businessmen will be awarded government contracts.
Hidup Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku!
Selamat Hari Raya!

Your Humble Subject,
Loi Bih Siang Benjamin

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B_Human said...

totally agreed with all what u suggested Benjamin.

the key point is whether the royalty and typical Malays accept that we are moving backward. In my opinion these are the people like "katak dibawah tempurung" although they hv all the access of information that the world is changing. It is the era of flat world whereby the world is flat now due to globalization. Many years this so called "bumiputra" who are majority Malays has been spoon feeded. Most of them are not able to compete with the rest of the world. Thanks to Che det regime. Another issue is are they awake yet? They are still in the midst of eighties...mentality. thanks again to Che det for nurturing such Malay. Yes, the Malays deserve better than they supposed to have but are they willing to let go all of the benefits and compete with the rest of the world? not to go far just within the nation are they willing to work hard and sacrifice like others to achieve excellence in education and entreprenuership? They still hv the mentality this is my right. If the royalty want to do more to help the Malays by all means take action dont just talk. Act like what the King of Thailand does serve his people. How many royalties in Malaysia put effort like the King of Thailand? Any foundation or non profit organization they have done? I would like to know if yes then I would say God Bless all the Raja and Sultans in Malaysia