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Don't let devil beasts haunt you!

My previous article touched on the topic of devil or "hantu", this article I must talk about how to counteract the evil deeds by the devil beasts!
When the devil jumps out on us to scare the living daylights out of us, we don't have to confront the devil beasts as they are NOT worthy of our attention! Let's look at what Quran says about these devil beasts at the beginning.
1. The rebellion of "Jinn" or "Genie" and the beginning of satanism (actions of devil beasts) :
A jinn, djinn, from Arabic جني jinn (genie)- is a supernatural fiery creature who is said to possess free will, Evil jinns are said to lead humans astray. In Islam, Satan, known in Arabic as Iblees, is the iconic jinn that refused to bow down to Adam when ordered to by Allah.
According to the Muslim Faith, when the Almighty Allah created Adam (the father of the human progeny) out of a lump of clay, and commanded the angels to greet him with a 'Sijda' (prostration in humility), Ibless the satan hesitated to obey and accept Adam as his superior because he claimed his own superiority over Adam by virtue of his age long devotion to Allah and creation out of fiery fire. His reluctance to obey and bow before Adam, however, resulted in his condemnation and he was therefore, eternally banished from the pleasure of Allah. Under this great humiliating disappointment, the satan, however, pleaded with Allah that he and his progeny (the satan belongs to the progeny of the jinn or genie) may be granted an everlasting opportunity to mislead mankind into error and sin in order to test the devotion of Adam and his progeny to Allah. This request was granted by the Almighty Allah with the commandment that whosoever followed the satan's path will forfeit His pleasure and that his abode will be in the fire of hell eternally.
The first treacherous act of satan under this arrangement started with the temptation of Adam himself in the well known episode of Eve and the "forbidden fruit" which resulted in the banishment of both Adam and Eve from the heavenly paradise as a punishment against Allah's pleasure and thus the treachery of satan, the avowed enemy of the progeny of Adam, has continued throughout the ages causing perpetual misery among the best majority of those people who succumb to his allure in defiance of the commandments of Allah.
In this respect there are two kinds of people in the world, those who follow the commandants of Allah, and those who are susceptible to the temptations or enticements of satan. There has always been a mighty struggle between the followers of satan and the believers of Allah ever since the creation of Adam in which the latter have always vanquished the former.
2. Name of satan: Iblīs (Arabic إبليس), is the name of the primary devil (Shaytaan or Satan) in Islam. The word is derived from the Arabic verbal root balasa بَلَسَ, meaning "he despaired"; therefore, the linguistic meaning of Iblees would be "he/it that despairs or causes despair".
Despair (noun) meaning: the feeling that there is no hope and that you can do nothing to improve a difficult or troubling situation.
(English Sentence Example: Is government in a mood of despair or drive the people to despair?)
Inspite of their greater power and ability, the jinns or genies were created by Allah to prostrate humbly before mankind, it has truly shown the tremendous significance Allah has placed on mankind.
Likewise, the government officials are called "Civil Servants", the government offices are called "Public Office", therefore, Prime Minister is also the Chief Public Servant (CPS); in spite of having greater power, they should be for the people, by the people and of the people, as they are the people's servant. But when the government becomes rebellious and refuses to assume the role of "Servanthood", the government is on their way to being banished! The government exists to serve the will of the people and to rule for the benefits of the people; when the government becomes arrogant, they become rebellious at the same time!

How we know whether our political leaders or government have followed the footsteps of devil beasts? Just loot at the characters of devil beasts, we will have the inkling of what our political leaders and government are like!

  1. they are "evil" because they are against "holiness",
  2. they are "filthy" because they are against "cleanness"
  3. they are "corrupt" because they are against "righteousness"
  4. they are "arrogant" because they are against "humility"
  5. they are "cruel" because they are against "compassion"
  6. they are "dictatorial" because they are against "freedom"
  7. they are "avaricious" because they are against "altruism"
  8. they are "depraved" because they are against "justice"
  9. they are "lustful" because they are against "loving"
  10. they are "taking" because they are against "giving"
  11. they are "liar" because they are against "honesty"
  12. they are "vengeful" because they are against "mercy"
  13. they are "polluted" because they are against "purity"
  14. they are "brutal" because they are against "meekness"
  15. they are "racist" because Islam is against racism and prejudice!!


Let's come back to today topic "Don't let devil beasts haunt you!", satan, the devil beasts, always lure us to evil deeds -even in the name of religion! satan wants us to do what he wants us to do, and not to do what Quran teaches us to do. -- satan "dos-list" is as follows:

1. Satan wants to divide us, he wants us to become very racist!
2. satan wants us to distrust one another,
3. satan wants us to suspect one another,
4. satan wants us to hate one another,
5. satan wants us to betray one another,
6. satan wants us to destroy one another,
7. satan wants us to threaten one another,
8. satan wants us to backstab one another,
9. satan wants us to kill one another,
10. satan wants to create chaos so he can impose Emergency Rule!

We are the precious creation of Allah, the strength of our unity will empower us to triumph over the doings of devil beasts in our beloved country, let's unite our hearts, walking hand-in-hand towards the path of righteousness and justice! Let's not fall into the temptation of devil beasts to create chaos; our greatest weapons are Peace, Mercy and Compassion, these are the weapons which the devil beasts are most fearful of because all his plans mentioned above will be completely destroyed by Peace, Mercy and Compassion, if we have all these elements among us, we are well on our way to ushering in a new dawn for Malaysia!

Remember just don't do what satan wants us to do, use our weapons to counteract the evil deeds by devil beasts!

May this Holy Month of Ramadan be a month of Peace, Mercy and Compassion. Amin!

May the Peace of Allah reign in our country!


benjamin Loi --14th September 2008 -5:08am

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