Friday, September 5, 2008

The Birth of a New State in Malaysia –Negeri Bloggerjaya

A Brief History of Negeri Bloggerjaya & Its Struggle and Contribution Towards a Progressive and Democratic Malaysia

The progress of the history of mankind revolves around the invention and development of science and technology. With newer ways of doing things comes new civilization and new social order, and thereby the birth of Negeri Bloggerjaya in the Federation of Malaysia.
Negeri Bloggerjaya was annexed into the Federation of Malaysia to become the first and only State without geographical boundary of the Federation in 1980 when the Internet took shape. However, it only came into prominence in 2008 after being “dormant” for nearly 28 years. Negeri Bloggerjaya’s sacred mission is to set Malaysia and Malaysians free - and to spearhead the free flow of information in the country.
Negeri Bloggerjaya has helped spark off the fire of reformation in the country and therefore it is a thorn in the flesh for the Federal Government. The defiant and undaunted state government of Negeri Bloggerjaya has won the respect and admiration from other states of the country.
Even the former Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Dr. Mahathir, has decided to reconcile with Negeri Bloggerjaya and is presently an active resident of Negeri Bloggerjaya. The Chief Minister of Negeri Bloggerjaya is YAB Raja Petra Kamarudin. Among other State Excos, Harris Ibrahim is taking care of legal affairs; Dr. Azly Rahman is tasked with the education portfolio.
Malaysia has been independent for 51 years. Instead of having real independence and freedom for Malaysians, we have unknowingly replaced the British Colonial government with a more suppressive and tyrannical regime; the few at the apex of power has brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy to fuel their unquenchable greed, and the brutal regime is oblivious to the suffering and hardship we have endured for the last 51 years.
Instead of being a government of the people, by the people and for the people, the government has enslaved the Rakyat to fulfill their whims and fancies. They trample our voice of freedom under their feet! The Malaysian people, with the help of Negeri Bloggerjaya, have managed to work together regardless of race, language and religion in an attempt to topple the regime. So far, 5 states have been set free – excluding Negeri Bloggerjaya – which was free before the Federal Government sabotage.
As freedom of speech is enshrined in the State Constitution of Negeri Bloggerjaya, many Malaysians have decided to reside in Negeri Bloggerjaya. They will not be charged with ISA, OSA, or whatever ridiculous, unscrupulous and draconian laws/acts against humanity. To retaliate against Negeri Bloggerjaya’s defiant stance against the Federal Government, the Federal Government has sent in their spies to sabotage Negeri Bloggerjaya and infiltrate the State Administration.
The Official Residence of our Chief Minister YAB Raja Petra Kamarudin has been raided several times; and they have set up a kangaroo court to try him. The Federal Government has even threatened to exterminate and annihilate the entire Negeri Bloggerjaya with the same type of bombs that has killed a Mongolian girl called Altantuya. But, we are unfazed and unafraid as Negeri Bloggerjaya is impervious to bomb attacks and all residents of Negeri Bloggerjaya have consumed a new medicine called Elixir Today (ET) which has empowered us to regenerate and reincarnate in the blink of an eye.
We will continue our fight against the immoral and corrupt regime until Malaysia shines under the sun of freedom.
We, the residents of Negeri Bloggerjaya and faithful citizens of Malaysia, urge you to join our cause for a better Malaysia!
Negeri Bloggerjaya Boleh!

Loi Bih Siang Benjamin, Address: – Negeri Bloggerjaya

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kee said...

Long Live Negeri Bloggerjaya.
The only place on this earth where 'Total Freedom', with respect to all residents of all colours and beliefs is guaranteed and is enshrined in its constitutions.